ASEP Magic Course

TRICKS for Elementary School’s “After School Enrichment Program”  2017 – 2018  

Everyone gets a Special Box to put all the tricks listed below in it.

Chinese Wallet – Make small items appear, vanish or change with this classic trick.  The audience will be amazed as the items jump around and disappear.

Ball & Vase – A small vase is shown to contain a ball. The ball is placed in the pocket. After a magic pass, the ball is found inside the vase! Ball can be vanished from the vase and found in the pocket!

Computer Age Cards – With this set of cards magician can quickly tell any chosen number or someone’s age, from 1 to 60, without ever asking.

Bottle & String – A piece of rope is inserted in a small vase. The vase is released and does not fall. Real magic! Can be examined.

Color Changing Plumes – Performer attempts the Color Changing Plume effect, offering to change the color of a plume passed through an empty paper tube to a color called by audience. The plume changes to a bouquet of multi color flowers, to match the various colors called out.

Mr. Plastic – A zip lock from a plastic bag comes to life.

Royal Tel-A-Vision – Magician can demonstrate his ESP by successfully revealing secretly selected colors on a cube placed inside a box sealed with a lid. Can be examined.

Joker 6-Card Monte – The performer shows three cards. Two of these are court cards, and one is an odd spot card. The fan of cards is turned over, and a spectator is asked to find the odd card. When the odd spot card is turned face up, it is found to have changed into an entirely different card, with a funny message on it. Supplied complete with five humorous message cards, and a blank for your own message.

(6 week course add these two tricks)

Houdini Beads – Three beads are threaded onto two strings. While spectator securely holds the ends of the strings, magician removes all three beads.

Buddah Papers – Coins, keys, bills, paper slips, tokens, and similar small items can be produced or vanished from a packet of folded papers, or items placed in the packet of folded papers can be changed to other items.

There’s more! You get 1 or 2 BONUS TRICKS IN EACH CLASS – WOW!

There’s more! On the last day of class, students will perform a Magic Show for their parents and family followed by a graduation ceremony.

There’s more! Everyone gets a Magic Wand, a Magic Hat and a Diploma.


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