ASEP Magic Course

TRICKS for Elementary School’s “After School Enrichment Program”  (ASEP) 2017  SPRING SESSION

ZIG ZAG ROPE – Cut and restore the rope with magical case. Insert an ordinary rope into the case. Hold on side of the case in each hand and push case in zig-zag movement. Rope has been severed into 2 separate pieces. Repeat the action, and show the rope is restored!

COIN BASE – Magician places a penny in the Magic Coin Base. Coin is covered with a lid, but when the lid is removed, it changes into a nickel!

CRAZY CUBE  – A spectator examines a die, and secures it in an opaque container, which is then closed in a second larger container. The performer is able to correctly reveal the number of spots on top of the die.

MIND CONTROL – Probably the most simple mental feat ever devised, yet one of the most effective! Three cards are placed on the table face up. One has a red spot, one has a yellow spot, and the last a blue spot. Victim now makes an absolutely free choice of one color. He can even change his mind. No matter which color is chosen, the Magi produces a prediction that matches the chosen color. Prediction is in full view of audience during entire effect. Everything you need included.

COLORED SENSE WANDS – Three magic wands of three different colors are displayed. Spectator hands the magician any of the three wands behind the magician’s back, hiding the other two in his pocket. The magician can tell the color of the wand handed to him behind his back. This can be repeated as often as you like.

SPIKED COIN – Place a coin inside the box and put on the lid, locking it in place. Eight spikes are pushed thru the box, yet the coin remains unharmed. The first spike will cause the coin to tilt up on end so that the remaining spikes may be easily inserted. Make it look difficult to push the spikes thru the coin. Show the box so everyone can see all eight spikes have penetrated the coin!

BLOCK ESCAPE – Six little blocks, each a different color, are held in a plastic box by placing a sword through them. Before closing the box, the spectator is asked to name any two colors. When the box is turned over, the two selected blocks magically fall out, having penetrated the sword, and the others stay locked in.

SENIOR VALDEZ – The world’s strongest imaginary flea carries a heavy weight up a steep incline. Visually stunning!


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